Did you miss it?

How often do we cut the chase and go directly and accomplish what we are so eagerly waiting for?

Its a question no one else can answer for us!!!

There were a lot of crisis moments in Jesus’ life and one of those moments was when He lifted up His eyes and saw a great multitude coming towards Him (John 6:5)

He asks Philip His disciple a very logical question like any of us “Where shall we buy bread that these may eat?”

Its very evident from Philip’s response that this need cannot be met by human(his understanding and strength)

They find out that there is little available though (5 barley loaves and 2 fish). More often than not we miss the point, we know the ending of the passage so we miss the crisis moment, we know the climax so the crisis moment slips our mind. We ask the right questions in the crisis moments of our lives but we fail to ask the same question while reading this passage. The question is “HOW?” How is this going to be enough? Andrew another of Jesus’ missionary disciples asks the question for us “But what are they among so many?”

Surprisingly, Jesus doesn’t even bother to answer his logical and predictable question!!! Instead He demonstrates His faith by action He says “Make the people sit down”. Many times we have faith but we don’t have the courage to act on it.

The climax to this reflection is not that Jesus was rewarded for His faith, rather it is a very subtle thing that we miss most of the times in our life and most importantly we miss it in this passage.

Read John 6:11 (click on this if you don’t have your bible)


How often do we thank the LORD in moments of crisis, when everyone else is talking about how are we gonna accomplish this? How are we gonna achieve this target?

The questions are not few and we know it: starting from home, continuing even unto workplace and again back home, then in the church and every place we go we have similar moments.

But the question still remains “Do we Thank the LORD?”

If you want to read the entire passage click on this link “Feeding the five thousand”


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